Monday, July 1, 2013

10 Worst Airlines For Traveling Economy Class

10 worst airlines for economy class travel

According to airline reviewer Skytrax and Business Insider Australia, who have ranked the 10 worst airlines in the world for flying cattle-class. The list is based on the ratings and reviews by Skytrax, which conducts Quality Audit and research work for commercial airlines and airports.

Seat comfort, quality of the meals, in-flight entertainment, cleanliness, condition of the cabin and efficiency of the service were all factors considered in the reviews.

The scores were adjusted to be out of 100 and averaged in order to reflect the overall "most unpleasant in-flight experiences".

10 worst airlines for economy class travel 
(scores out of 100):

1. Turkmenistan Airlines (rated 30.8)
2. Sudan Airways (rated 33.3)
3. Ukraine International Airlines (rated 36.3)
4. Uzbekistan Airways (rated 37.5s)
5. Air Koryo (rated 39.2)
6. Bulgaria Air (rated 41.8)
7. Rossiya Airlines (rated 42.7)
8. Iceland Express (rated 42.8)
9. Tajik Air (rated 43.3)
10. Syrian Air (rated 44.8)

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