Friday, July 19, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Will Accept An RFID Chip And Why RFID Chips Are The Way Of The Future

10 Reasons Why You Will Accept An RFID Chip And Why RFID Chips Are The Way Of The Future
by Happy Riches

Here are ten reasons why YOU will accept the RFID CHIP that is designed to protect honest people. This chip is made from a non-corrosive material and is no larger than a grain of rice. It can be inserted near the pulse on your wrist and will not interfere with any wrist movements. It is so non-invasive you will forget that the inserted RFID chip exists. 

There are people who object to having their personal digital chip inserted. However, once you realize the benefits, why would you?

1. This is to protect honest people
After all, you are an honest person and you have nothing to hide, therefore you will understand the merits of being injected with an RFID chip.

2. RFID chips will mean that terrorists can be quickly identified
The threat of terrorists bombing public buildings and gatherings is something of which we are all too aware today. Let's not forget 9/11, the Boston Bombers and other terrorist acts that have occurred around the world

3. Less need for security measures will mean less waiting at passenger terminals and airports
One of the greatest advantages for you is that there will be faster processing at airports and passenger terminals because customs and security staff will no longer have to search your bags and person for bombs, guns, knives and illegal drugs. Your chip will give you an automatic clearance.

4. This will enable government to better plan the facilities within your neighborhood
Government will be able to better plan schools, hospitals, childcare, health and recreational facilities within your own neighborhood because undesirable people will no longer exist within your community.

5. There will be no need for people to carry guns on the streets
No longer will you have to be concerned about people carrying guns on the streets or that you might be an innocent bystander that gets shot as a result of gangs having a turf war.

6. Women will feel safer from being raped
Every woman will now have the assurance that rapists will be detected if they stray into their street, because their movements will monitored 24/7 as a consequence of being chipped with a RFID chip.

7. You will not need to carry cash and risk being mugged
A cashless society means you will not risk losing money for someone else to find, and no one will attempt to rob you for money or even beg you to give them money anymore.

8. People cannot impersonate you because you
No longer can anybody impersonate you with a dodgy driver's licence or false passport when you are safely asleep in your bed, because your imbedded chip will identify that they are not asleep like you.

9. A fairer distribution of benefits will available for everyone based on reward for effort
Everybody will finally be able to receive a fair days pay for the work they do because other people will not be able to claim they did what you have done, so you will be rewarded for your efforts.

10. Only criminals will protest against having their lifestyle monitored.
What this means is only those who are dishonest and have an evil agenda will not want to receive an honest identity and be a member of a progressive scientific community that seeks to improve conditions for everyone.
It is important to remember that receiving the RFID chip is the key to your survival in the New World Order, otherwise you will not be able to buy and sell anything at all.

If you believe that people are able to tell you what happened billions of years ago on Earth then you will receive that RFID CHIP. But if you believe that historians or anyone else cannot be exactly sure about the past, and those who talk about things they have never seen to be factual are really liars, it is highly unlikely you will be receiving the RFID CHIP. Maybe you smell something fishy (like the loss of your free will) about people being fed RFID chips in order to survive..

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