Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ten Facts Which You Need To Know About The 9/11 Cover Up

Ten Simple Facts That Suggest A Cover Up At Ground Zero And Americans Have Been Conned

There are numerous stories as to what did or didn’t happen at the World Trade Center on 11th September 2001. I was watching Rumble In The Jungle, a documentary about the fight between George Foreman and Mohammed Ali, when the television channel switched to the scenes at New York where a plane had flown into one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

What puzzled me was how those buildings could implode the way they did. Something just did not seem right. However, after having watched another documentary that explained how it was possible I accepted the official view. That was until I heard a crew of workers would visit the buildings each morning between 3am-5am for some ten days prior to attack when the janitorial workers had left and before day workers appeared. I decided to review the footage again.

A study of the video footage shows explosions taking place below the floors of the crash site. When you see for yourself this, you ask the question, who did what.

  1. The second plane was unmarked with no Airline logo. 
  2. The planes were travelling extremely fast and very accurately managed to perform a maneuver that is difficult for experienced pilots to pull off, let alone inexperienced amateur pilots, which indicate that the accuracy was programmed and the planes were on autopilot. 
  3. The second plane clearly was carrying a cylindrical object of some sort under its carriage. 
  4. Timed explosions are easily identified occurring below the floors of the crash site. 
  5. The smoke from the crash of the planes was black indicating insufficient oxygen and fire losing heat.
  6. The smoke from the lower levels was white indicating the fire was fed by oxygen. 
  7. The plane crashes were about an hour apart, yet the towers imploded around the same time. 
  8. Buildings burn for days when on fire without sending debris miles away, but these twin towers imploded from intense heat within a few hours sending debris  miles from the vicinity suggesting explosive forces. 
  9. The steel within the building melted in such a way that it evidently required an accelerant such as thermite, which was probably sprayed over the steel structures between the floors. 
  10. The fire was localized at the point of impact, yet the buildings collapsed uniformly indicating that the fire would have had to be pervasively burning at uniform intensity throughout all of the two buildings.

These ten points raise questions as to who knew what and whether there were members of the US government conspiring to further the aims of a covert group of strategists seeking to consolidate world power.

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