Tuesday, July 18, 2017

REVEALED: THE MEN WHO OWN AND RUN THE USA GOVERNMENT. Whoever Controls The Money Controls The World. Do the Rothschilds control the hidden government that runs the globe or is this a myth?

For the discerning mind here are three videos to arouse your interest and prompt further investigation

Revealed: The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

Who Controls the Money Controls the World

The Rothschild Empire: the true leaders of planet Earth?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lord Rothschild Reveals World Is Currently Witnessing The Greatest Monetary Policy Experiment In History

AUGUST 19, 2016

The uncertainty of the global economy, which is mostly led by powerful countries in the West, has prompted concerns from many financial analysts.
When the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, the global financial market experienced fluctuations. Some even predicted that it was the beginning of the end for the people of the United Kingdom. Since the Brexit crisis, the majority of people without the financial eye believe things have returned to normal.
However, that is not the case. In fact, the future of the global financial market looks gloomy. It is unpredictable and unstable. Finally, a member of the Rothschild banking family has openly voiced his opinion on the current state, as well as the future of the global financial market. Many Conspiracy Theorists believe the Rothschild banking family is behind catastrophic events in the world, such as wars between nations in order to make profit from those calamities. It is said the family has significant influence on some of the powerful world’s central banks, including the United States.
According to a prominent member of the family, Lord Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, also known as the 4th Baron Rothschild, low interest rates, negative yields on government debt and quantitative easing currently happening in the West, are part of the biggest financial experiment in world history. Lord Jacob Rothschild is a British citizen. He is the chairman of the Rothschild Investment Trust Capital Partners. He said the consequences of what are currently unfolding in the global financial market are unknown.
Writing in his company’s semi-annual Financial report at the end of June 2016, Lord Jacob Rothschild stated: “The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30 percent of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale.”
The investment banker, estimated to have a net worth about $5 billion, further said this experiment policy by central banks has led to a rapid growth of stock markets, especially in the United States. According to financial experts, since 2008, United States stocks have grown threefold, with investments growing and volatility remaining low.
But despite this deliberate manipulation by United States Federal Reserve officials, Jacob Rothschild revealed that the real sector of economy didn’t enjoy such a profit. He said growth remains weak.
Lord Jacob Rothschild also stated that there is weak demand and deflation in many parts of the Developed World. To authenticate the claim by the investment banker that some countries in the Developed World are indeed battling with deflation, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report in June 2016, interest rates in the West, especially the United States, are at the lowest levels in 5,000 years. The current Federal interest rate of the United States stands at 0.500 %. In the United Kingdom, it is 0.250%.Furthermore, in the battle against deflation, countries such as Sweden, Switzerland and Japan have even turned to negative key lending rates.
Another disaster in waiting on the global financial market is the current negative yields on government bonds. In June 2016, it was reported that a 10-year German government bond dipped below 0% for the first time in history.
This prompted Janus Capital, an investment group, to estimate that the global yields are the lowest in 500 years, and that the total amount of such bonds is $10 trillion. The investment group’s lead portfolio manager, Bill Gross, described the situation as a supernova that will explode one day. 
However, Lord Jacob Rothschild underlined that many risks remain for the global economy with the deteriorating geopolitical situation. Among those risks the billionaire listed included Brexit, the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, and China’s slowing economic growth. He also pointed out the rise in global terrorism, emphasizing the continuing conflict in the Middle East, especially the rise of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
Even before this statement by Lord Rothschild, many observers had said the crash of the global financial market is imminent, due to the constant manipulation of the sector.

This article (Bombshell: Lord Rothschild Reveals World is Currently Witnessing the Greatest Monetary Policy Experiment in History) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.com.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

THE WAR THAT IS NOT HAPPENING BUT IS GOING ON NEVERTHELESS. This Is A War For Your Soul. You are being attacked every day by the media that surreptitiously sidesteps your defenses and plants destructive mines within your thinking that distorts your worldview.

There is a war going on that people are aware exists. However, many more people are beginning to wake up and become aware that this war is against them: taking away their rights and their freedoms.

The Brexit vote to leave the European Union was so large, the powers that pull the strings could not rig the outcome. Now a vote that is 8% greater than the vote to remain is being touted as a neck and neck vote. Still there are those in Scotland and Wales who do not want to be beholden to Westminster. They want to obtain handouts from the European Union. Little do they realize that the United Kingdom is contributing much more than the nations that are bleeding the EU because of their lack of industry.

Go to Brussels and have a look at the facilities the eurocrats are provided with, even though they do nothing to produce anything other than laws to restrict the freedoms of the average person. The average person is a member of the proletariat, those at the bottom layers of the pyramid; the workers, who otherwise make up the precariat.

The precariat are people who do not have the security of independent wealth and influence because they do not own swathes of land or shares or have political power. They are living lives that are financially insecure and move from one job to another (when they can find one) because technology and robots have taken over their jobs.

The West is about to enter into a phase where there is going to be more uncertainty and economic stability is going to become more uncertain.

The war currently taking place is a war for your soul. It is George Orwell's 1984, only running behind time. Big Brother has designs to take over. The UN agenda 2020 is a war against humanity and Brussels is a trial model, a prototype of how the future government will operate.

Friday, April 22, 2016

IRAN IS GOING TO BLOW UP THE DYKES THAT KEEP THE WATER ON THE EARTH FROM FLOWING OFF. THE EARTH IS FLAT. This Has To Be True Because The Flat-earthers Have Found The Dykes. The dykes are not women tying to be men, either. So do not laugh.

Obviously flat-earthers have not been to the edge of the Earth to see the dykes that keep the water from flowing over the edge of the Earth. If they had they would realize that the dykes that keep the water on the Earth from flowing off are tall stories.

How long should it take to go from London To Tokyo via Seattle and back, if the Earth were flat?

If you believe the Earth is flat, buy an airplane ticket to travel from London to Seattle and Seattle to Tokyo and then back to London and learn the truth. 

If you cannot afford a ticket, here are the flight duration times:

London to Seattle, Canada  9hrs 50m duration +
Seattle To Tokyo, Japan 10hrs 15m duration = 20hrs 5 mins.

Tokyo to London, England 12hrs 25m duration

If the Earth were flat, the duration of the flight from Tokyo to London should be some 20 hours, not 12hrs 25m. This is because you would have to fly back and there are no shorter ways like flying around the globe.

Forget the nonsense. The Earth is a globe.

If you stand on a mountain peak you will always see the horizon at eye level. This will present as a circle. But the sky will present as a dome and meet the horizon. If you lie down on your back the sky will be flat. Odd but true.

Learn the truth about life.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The 8 BIG Dumb Reasons This Webpage Sucks Because It Makes The Very Mistakes People Make When Marketing Online

The 8 BIG Dumb Mistakes People Make When Marketing Online

a Mal Emery Revelation

The truth is the dreamers were right back in the early 90s. The internet really is the “cash spewing, money spitting opportunity” they said it was except back then they were ahead of their time by about 10 years.
Today of course, if you haven’t figured that sucker out (the internet) yet or you’re not at least trying to figure it out, then it will probably be desolation for you and your business 5 years from now.
The truth is the internet really is a BIG DEAL. That said, it hasn’t and won’t wipe out other media like print, radio and TV.
It has and will affect other media though, in some cases dramatically.
These other media have a battle on their hands but it won’t wipe any of them out.
Like all marketing there’s right ways and wrong ways to do it and where the internet’s concerned people screw this one up more than any other.
The bad news is this media, the internet, is unforgiving. It won’t tolerate any sloppiness unlike the other media which does.
So if you get it right, the rewards are unmatched but if you get it wrong you’ll wonder where the money is hiding.
Big Dumb Mistakes People Make Marketing Online #1
Not understanding that the internet is just another media and it’s not actually a business. When people say “I’m in the internet business”, that’s as silly as saying, “I’m in the radio business or the yellow pages business” just because you advertise on them.
What the internet is, is just another media tool in the media toolbox to be used correctly just like other media. By that I mean you should integrate the internet with all your other media to reinforce and assist you in your marketing efforts.
Big Dumb Mistakes People Make Marketing Online #2
Not realising that direct marketing principles from the offline world transfer perfectly to the online world. After all, we’re dealing with the thousand year old reptilian brain in your head and mine whether you’re online or whether you’re offline.
It’s the reptilian brain in my head that makes me chase my wife around a coffee table every so often in the hope she lets me catch her. :-)
Things that motivated you to action a hundred years ago, things that motivate you today and a hundred years from now are the same emotional factors.
That’s why becoming a master of emotional direct response marketing is mandatory for anyone that wants to succeed online or offline.
The reptilian won’t change, just the media changes.
Whatever you do, only take advice in relation to your online success from someone who is an offline direct response marketer.
Whatever you do, don’t willingly turn over your web creation to non-direct response people.
Big Dumb Mistakes People Make Marketing Online #3
Never let the arty farty, graphic artist crowd lose on any of your online marketing without adult supervision.
Quite simply and not wishing to offend the arty farty, graphic artist crowd here, the thought of using emotional direct response marketing, asking for a sale, using urgency and scarcity on your website to get them to buy is most probably alien to this bunch and whatever you do, DON’T let them derail your online marketing endeavours.
I’ve known lots, I’ve worked with lots, I have one employed full time in this business and we had to totally re-educate her too. So I’m speaking from experience here.
Now don’t get me wrong, believe it or not, graphics, colours and fonts are very important but just because you can throw graphics all over this online real estate doesn’t mean you should.
In my opinion, the best at it is Apple MAC. Go and visit their site, they are known as “masters of design” and they are. Here’s what you’ll discover, there’s a dominant visual element.
Their websites follow eye gravity. They use one font, may be a maximum of two, probably Serif and Sans Serif.
They used high contrast, by that I mean in a sentence they might want to make a word or two stand out by making it much much larger than the other words and in capitals. That’s high contrast.
They only use 2 to 3 colours on their website. Everything is left-aligned unless it’s a subhead line.
Finally they keep it VERY simple. That’s certainly not the case with a lot of other trash on the internet.
You want to know how important visuals are? Well, in the past I’ve flashed websites up on a screen and I’ve said to the audience, “trust” or “don’t trust”, “trust” or “don’t trust”. The audience in a split second replies whether they do or they don’t and it’s all based on visual impact.
In that space of time they don’t have a chance to evaluate anything else.
Well that’s what’s happening when they come to your website, they decide instantly whether they’ll trust you or whether they won’t trust you. Just based on what they see or don’t see.
SO FIX IT! AND FIX IT NOW! Because it’s costing you a fortune if you don’t.
Big Dumb Mistakes People Make Marketing Online #4
Not having solid walls, single paths and narrow roads for your prospects to follow when they come to your website. Bottom line, most of the websites I see and I see plenty, don’t deliberately take the prospect on a journey to the outcome you want to achieve with them.
They are literally allowed to meander and wander around your website at will, landing and starting wherever they want and that’s not good enough.
This is a precise science.
You want to literally take them by the hand “on a slippery slide” if you like to where you want them to go and what you want them to do, give you their details, order your product or service etc.
Another name for this is “eye-path” or “eye-gravity”.
Eye-path in all media goes from left to right and down the page, online or offline. What you’re attempting to do is to force compliance on behalf of the prospect for the good of all concerned, you and them.
Big Dumb Mistakes People Make Marketing Online #5
Just because you have all the space you like at your disposal on your website, doesn’t mean you make it any longer than it needs to be to get the job done. By that I mean get the prospect to take the action you want them to take. Just as if you were writing a radio ad for 60 seconds or the same on TV or even print.
Every word MUST earn it’s spot.
Every graphic MUST be there for a reason.
Whatever you do, don’t get carried away with the Whiz Bang gadgets you can use on your website unless it helps you achieve a specific outcome.
This is a media that is unforgiving. It won’t tolerate lack of tactical strategy, you won’t make a cent by accident where the internet is concerned.
With landing pages it’s short and sharp, bold headline and a bunch of powerful bullet points, 30 to 120 second video, two opt-in boxes (one at the top, one at the bottom).
Okay, I’m feeling generous. Here’s the video script template we use at Streetsmart Marketing.
Key #1 – Build a better bait – “Complementary Video Presentation (Book) Reveals the Secrets of How to Safely Buying 7 Properties in 7 years and Retire Early with Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind”
Key#2 – Call the video a presentation (Complementary Video Presentation Reveals the Secret to…)
Key #3 – Video should run for 30 – 120 seconds
Key #4 – Always have the video on auto play
Key #5 – Step-by-step video formula:
  • Who you are
  • What you have (Free Video)
  • Why do they need it (Bullet Points)
  • How they can get it (Fill in your first name and email address here and you will get instant access to my FREE video presentation “How to Safely Buy 7 Properties in 7 Years and Retire Early with Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind”
  • Videos are a very very big deal online. Why? Because you get to connect with the prospect on another level.
    They get to hear you, they get to see you, the connection you have with them is better. It builds trust and there’s some transparency involved in that you are just like them.
    Big Dumb Mistakes People Make Marketing Online #6
    In business today and particularly online you need to use bigger, better lead generation magnets and baits to ethically trap and bribe your prospect into giving you what you want. These days the power has been shifted to the prospect, to buy or not to buy, like never before.
    It means that the free line has been moved particularly online. Once upon a time, we could charge for a video we now give away, the same with the free report or manual. Now everything is free to start with.
    In fact, 89 of the top 100 websites online begin their relationship with the prospect by offering something for free.
    Guess what Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, Mozilla Firefox have in common? – everything is FREE for the prospect.
    Another reason the baits need to be bigger and better is because they’re being bombarded with clutter and noise from all manner of media.
    Big Dumb Mistakes People Make Marketing Online #7
    The worst type of website you can have is a “one size fits all”. Everybody seems to want to take a shortcut, particularly on the Internet, and most wont like what I’m going to reveal here.
    Why? Because it costs a little more to get it right, and it takes a bit more work. But the rewards far outweigh any of that.
    You see most people want to have one site where they wedge everything into that; generally it has a bunch of buttons that allow people to meander around confused, and of course confused prospects do nothing.
    Mostly this behaviour is born out of laziness, lack of knowledge, stupidity or all three.
    Reminds me of a client and his wife I spoke to today about their web presence, and their actually doing ok, but they are leaving more money unbanked than they are banking. They have what is commonly known as an “e-commerce cafeteria site”, where you get to meander around and choose what you want to buy or not want to buy.
    Fortunately I asked them the right question.
    “What’s you best selling product, and how much of your sales does it make up”
    Turns out one product alone accounted for about 60% of their sales. So the obvious thing to do it to build a dedicated site that sells that, and that only.
    Then market that (and that only) online, communicating correctly only with an audience who has a pre-disposed interest in that product.
    Its called “a dedicated website” and oh my god we just found this guy and his wife a tonne of money, if of course they take the advice, and I know they will.
    I could tell be the conversation we had, in fact I wouldn’t mind betting that it’s half done already.
    Think about it, niche works better everywhere and it certainly works better online given that Google rate you and your website according to its RELEVANCY.
    RELEVANCY meaning it’s relevant to the person or prospect searching on that topic, Googles big plan is to be the best search engine, that’s why it’s important. You see they decide if you get found online, or not.
    Bottom line, Google owns the sandpit and you want to play in their sandpit and one of their rules is RELEVANCY, in particularly relevancy in search.
    Ok, I’m feeling really really generous, here is a list of some of the things important to Google that you should comply with if your wanting to drive traffic to your website through various online channels such as adwords, adsense, SEO, social media etc, and if you want to achieve any sort of success online.
    • Don’t use hype – Google hates it
    • Use a separate URL and separate web pages.
    • It even pays to take the hype out of your offers.
    • Never use fear based copy.
    • Never talk about making money
    • Use a professional logo
    • Google loves navigation
    • Use relevant images
    • Use video
    • Use additional articles and content below the fold
    • Have your opt-in box below the fold as well
    • Use product photos
    • Use terms and conditions, privacy and policy
    By the way if your using offline media to drive them online to your website you can say and do what you damn well like (within reason of course), so there’s another reason to have two different sites for the same product or service, one that’s Google friendly that relies upon online search and one that’s completely dedicated to offline driven to online.
    Please don’t be lazy or stupid about all of this.
    Big Dumb Mistakes People Make Marketing Online #8
    Hastily chucking up a website without careful consideration. I’ve mentioned it previously in this blog that you MUST have a clear outcome and then you MUST build your website according to the outcome.
    Being sloppy in this regard will have a devastating effect on your results. You see, people say to me, “Mal I want more leads.” Actually they do and they don’t.
    What they need to do FIRST, is fix the conversion process.
    I rarely see a website where they get conversion right. Only when you fix this aspect are you then entitled to do more lead generation. Make sense doesn’t it?
    Why would you want to spend more money increasing leads to send them to a flawed website? You might as well just put your money in a trash can.
    Okay there you have it, damn it’s about 2500 words here. I never intended it to be this long but I got on a roll and didn’t want to leave anything out.
    Hopefully you get on the same roll where your website is concerned.
    Remember this is a precise science. Mess with it and you know what you get.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mal's big achievement the Secret 9 Step Fail Safe Formula revealed

As I travel the country and when I talk to clients I get asked lots of questions…
The one that stands out the most, hands down is…
“If you lost it all and had to start again, what would you do?”
Well that is a very good question…
You see, I have made my fortune by moving to where the money is going to move to.
In several of my books, I make the analogy of either being in a racing car in business (making lots of money) or being in a jalopy in business (working your guts out for peanuts).
Having started bought, build and sold 19 odd businesses, I am well qualified on this subject to have what I call a “checklist” or a “litmus test” if you like.
So here is my “checklist” of what qualifies a business to be a racing car, not a jalopy.

First and foremost, whatever business I get into must pass my “litmus test” of what constitutes (by my standards) a great business to be in.
Here is my VERY IMPORTANT list that’s in no particular order.
  1. Enormously high profit margins
  2. Low startup costs with massive upside potential
  3. Little or no staff (yahoo!!)
  4. No special skill or skills required
  5. I can live and work wherever I want, when I want
  6. There is incredibly high demand for the product and service
  7. I can access prospects affordably, predictably and reliably through various media
  8. I believe I can dominate the category or niche I’m moving in to
  9. Very low overheads (can be run from home, a small office or a holiday resort)
  10. Flexible hours so I own my time and enjoy the lifestyle I want
  11. Recession proof industry that makes money in good times and bad
  12. Little or no risk of failure
  13. Can’t be knocked off by competitors easily
  14. I control the money and there is no one else between me and the money
Of all the businesses I’ve owned one type of business, and one type only, TICKS ALL THE BOXES.
Best news?
ANYONE… yes literally ANYONE can do it.
The business I am referring to is the…
Information Marketing Business
I have started and sold several of those also over the years.
However, my early business life consisted of traditional bricks and mortar type businesses which are really up against it these days.
With challenges coming from all directions.
Anyway, over the years I have developed a formula for creating high profit Information Marketing Businesses.
I call my formula the “Secret 9 Step Fail Safe Formula”
D.Y.R + H.C.M. + H.T. + T.P. + T.E. + C.S.M.S. + B.T.  + B.P. + C.R. = BIG $$
  • D.Y.R. – Do your Research (so you make it hard to fail)
  • H.C.M. – Hungry Crowd with Money (irrational)
  • H.T. – Hot Topic (or NICHE)
  • T.P. – Transformational Product (or service)
  • T.E. – Test Everything (then roll it out)
  • C.S.M.S. – Comprehensive Sales and Marketing System (matrix)
  • B.T. – Build Trust (testimonials, case studies and guarantees)
  • B.P. – Backend Products (get paid for life)
  • C.R. – Constant Reinvention (iterate)
There are “3 Key Fundamentals” of a successful online and offline “INFORMATION MARKETING BUSINESS”
Key Fundamental #1 – Identify a “Cashed Up” responsive market with a HIGH INTEREST orNEED in a particular TOPIC OR EXPERTISE
MATCH that interest or need…
Apart from the fact that online training is the future of business… here are 13 IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES you get by being in the Information Marketing Business
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #1 – Demand is huge… over 93% of searches on the internet are for information!
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #2 – Replaces manual labour by MULTIPLYING AND LEVERAGING what you know (not 1 on 1 selling) – do the work once and get paid over and over
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #3 – Buyers of products and services will BUY MORE (if you do it right you are unable to keep up with demand)
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #4 – Little or NO amount of interaction with buyers is possible if desired
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #5 – Unlike traditional businesses HUGE TURNOVER AND PROFITS requires only a small quantity of staff
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #6 – HUGE PROFIT MARGINS! People will pay anything to solve a problem yet CD’s, DVD’s, paper and ink are cheap to produce and if they are delivered online there is literally zero cost in delivery.
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #7 – VERY LITTLE STOCKHOLDING required. In fact I have run a multi-million dollar business for a decade or more with about $10,000 in stock. (print on demand)
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #8 – There is not a business on earth that compete with the LOW START-UP COSTS and MASSIVE UPSIDE POTENTIAL there is in the Information and Education Marketing Business
treated like a king and obeyed like a heart surgeon because you switch from seller to educator
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #10 – You can LIVE AND WORK ANYWHERE YOU LIKE IN THE WORLD! I doubt there is any other business that affords you the pleasure of working and living anywhere you like in the world
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #11 – You can set up your business on HANDS FREE AUTOPILOT! You can enjoy cash flow 24 hours a day even on public holidays and while you sleep
There will always be an incredible demand for information from an insatiable market place
IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE #13 – CASHOUT FOR A MASSIVE PAYDAY! Unlike most businesses in the new economy, a successful Information Business is incredibly easy to sell for massive dollars
There you have it, 13 IMPORTANT ADVANAGES why the Information Marketing Business is the ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE BUSINESS to be in.
And the good news is the Information Marketing Business works equally well in good times and bad
Hard to put up a valid argument against the Information Marketing Business being the best business on the planet.
What you may not know is I have recently returned from a private invitation event held in the USA by marketing and sales genius Dan Kennedy.
During Q&A, Dan was asked this question…
“What would you do if you went broke”?
Not so surprisingly, his answer was similar to mine.
The good news for you is I paid a fortune to hear his answer (among other things of course) and the best news is I’m going to reveal it to you for FREE right here right now.
Here is his answer to what he would do if he went broke…
#1 Who can I reach that I can help
#2 Then get a list of the likely people I can help
#3 Write a sales letter to them (today this could be online, offline or both)
#4 Use that sales letter to secure a sales opportunity
#5 Put them in a room and sell to them one to many
#6 Use the money gained to repeat and escalate the profit
What Dan is actually describing there and I will go into greater detail at a later date, is the best business I know of on the planet
Dan is a real offline guy but nothing would stop you from doing the delivery online via webinars for example and membership sites.
Better still, incorporate online and offline in your model.
If you do not like this, you could always learn to make money on the Forex or Indices or the Share Market using options or speculating