Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Born To Die

Being born to die is a waste of time. There is no point in being born to die. There is no purpose in life if you are merely born to die. There is no meaning in living if you are born to die.

This fact that being born to die is futile is recognized by most people who begin to think about the meaning of their existence. The futility of being born to die is so obvious that it is surprising that more people do not make the answer to this question the first answer the seek. To know the reason for your birth, the reason for your existence, the reason for you living on Earth, should be the most important question you need to know.

I meet an eighteen year old the other day who said told me that his parents reckoned he was smarter than most people his age.

You see he was going into the Armed Forces to earn his qualifications. This way he said he would get paid to learn rather than have to pay to learn, and then either have a debt to repay and a job to find.

Part of the reason he claimed his parents said he was smarter than the rest was because he planned his activities in advance and set himself personal goals. For instance, he said he decided to do legal studies as part of his senior high school years, so he would know his rights.

I told him that was a smart move, and asked him, "Did he know what his rights were when he died."

You see this has to be an important question for somebody who was thinking about going into the army. The reason people get the benefits of a paid education is they also are putting their lives on the line and could die in battle.

The eighteen year old, whose parents said was smarter than most people had neglected to consider this.

He told me that he would be thinking about it all day. I suggested not to worry about the insurance because the Armed Forces would cover that. Rather he needed to know what his rights were before the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

Funny how people think they are smart and yet forget to ask the most basic of questions: "What happens when I die?"

Worse still, for many people who do ask the question, is the fact that rather than seek the truth, they fall for anything that sounds plausible and suits their lifestyle.

Seriously, nobody likes being told untruths or lies. I bet you don't. Yet people will accept anything they want to believe rather than the truth, especially when the truth will hurt.

The truth is you are going to die, so what are you going to do about it?

I know what I did about it. I sought out the Creator of the Universe.

Yes, I could have got caught up in religious ideas and practices and tried to earn approval from God. But man-made religion has never really appealed to me. From an early age I judged church goers and religious people as hypocrites.

I could have gone on a good works trip to prove myself as worthy of God because I help out my fellow man. Many people do this, point the finger at the religious hypocrites and praise their own self-righteousness. One man I knew who did this, ended up being a very bitter and critical of other people because they would not repay the favors.

I could have looked for a philosophy like Buddhism or Reincarnation or Evolution to explain the significance of my life. To have a meaningful philosophy and be a moral person I would need to incorporate some concept of reincarnation. Otherwise it would be pointless in being a moral person who upholds the law and respects other people.

But I thought that his was a waste a time. Either I was going to die or there had to be a Creator who had a reason for my season on earth, or life itself was meaningless.
In which case, I would gravitate to organized crime and do what was opportunistic for my own selfish ends without regard for anyone else.

Fortunately for me, I found the Creator. You can too.

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