Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rare Animal For Sale

A rare animal is for sale. Most rare animals end up in zoos. This animal is now considered extinct and has to be a must for a collector. I believe a certain museum is chaffing at the bit to get it, but the person, who now owns it, is looking to sell it for more than what the museum is prepared to offer.

Now put yourself in this person's position. You have purchased a valuable item and a museum is saying to you that you should give it to them free of charge. Well, when you have governments willing to bail out high earners and ensure that they live in comfort and expect everyone else to pay for it, this is a bit rich.

The animal in question is an Australian native cat that is considered extinct, but not only is the species considered extinct, never has one been sighted that is an albino. This animal was caught by a dog in 1882 and preserved by a taxidermist. Australian native cats were quite common back in the nineteenth century, so there would be no point in having one preserved back then. However, to catch an albino native cat on your farm at time, this is another story.

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