Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lying Honestly

Marcus Einfeld, the lying judge and human rights blowhard, is the perfect symbol of our time, says an Australian Columnist Andrew Bolt who gets 1 million hits to his blog.

Bill Clinton said he tried to walk the line between telling lies and telling the truth, suggesting that there is nothing wrong in this.

A judge tells lies, but says that he is an honest man and for anybody to suggest otherwise is insulting.

A president says that there is a place that exists between a lie and the truth and suggests that not telling the truth as a President is not telling an untruth, if a person walks this line.

The film "True Lies" is about a espionage cover up that is uncovered. The lies the people tell, are truly lies, that is they are lies.

But when is a lie, never a lie. Lies are truly lies; they are never the truth.

To be honest, a lie is a lie, never the truth, and the truth is the truth and never a lie.

When is the truth not the truth? The logical answer is to say when it is a lie. But the divided between being an honest person and a liar is not a matter of degrees, you either are a liar or you have never told a lie in your life. It is black or white.

There is a reason why people get confused. This is because there exists a phenonemon known as twilight.

Twilight is very deceptive. The sun is no longer shining, but twilight is nearly as good as the real thing. The twilight zone is where lies become truth and liars become honest. This is where criminals become good citizens and evil is declared to be good.

The twilight society lives of those who are honest. But if it wasn't for lying politicians, corrupt officials and judges rewarding criminals with suspended sentences, the twilight would not exist. Neither would the twilight society be able to prey on its innocent victims, those who carry the burden of corruption as they try to forge a better life for themselves, their children and their grandchildren.

To be honest, there is time to tell the truth and a time to say nothing. But when Jesus said that he was the way, the truth and the life, was he lying or telling the truth?

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