Friday, March 27, 2009

My Guardian Angel

For many people the spiritual realm is hard to accept because they have not experienced supernatural happenings.

Some people say God is a figment of a person's imagination. But then not every body is the same, some go beyond imagination and experience spiritual reality.

An acquaintance of mine had a three year old daughter who used to have a friend to whom she talked, but they never met. Their daughter was often talking to him. My friend and his wife would laugh about this imaginary friend because they had never had the same experience when they were young. If either of them had a similar experience they had forgotten about it.

When I was young, I used to have a friend who would dress similar to those river boat gamblers seen in the film "Maverick". In the 1950s, there was no television where I lived, and I was too young to go to films, so there was no one I seen that looked like that for me to imagine as my friend. But this friend of mine would appear to me from time to time. I don't recall him telling me anything, but I know I spoke to him. The last time I saw him as a child, I was twelve years old, nearly thirteen.

When I saw him last I was twenty-four. This angelic man appeared to me in my bedroom. There he was with his black hat, ribbon lace bow tie, frilled white shirt, black vest and coat, shoulder length yellow hair, yellow mustache and yellow goatee. I wasn't frightened because I instantly recognized him. But before I could say anything, he told me to go to a particular company that manufactured refrigerators and there would be a job there for me. Then he disappeared.

Sure enough, there was a job waiting for me. The manager was amazed that I knew about the job vacancy, because the employee who had left, had only handed in his notice the night before. I told him what happened. The manager did not really believe me, and gave me the impression that I knew the guy who had left, and it was he who told me about the position being vacant. Anyhow, since I was there, he employed me on the spot.

I considered that personage who appeared to me in my bedroom to be my guardian angel. He often appeared to me when I was three, four, and five years old, and then less frequently throughout the years until I was nearly thirteen.

When I think about the reason I started seeing this angelic being, it may have been due to a road accident I had at the age of three, where I was left unconscious for a number of days. Evidently, I was thought to have been dead, and would have been, had it not been for the quick thinking of a medical team who just happened to see me fall out of my parents car as they sped along the highway. A medical doctor and some nurses were in the care behind my parents and there actions were instrumental in saving my life.

When I came out of hospital I had a scar on my forehead in the shape of a cross. Call this coincidence, but it was not something that I liked. Too many people would notice the scar and point to it and make remarks about it. More often than not, I considered this embarrassing; especially when my mother would retell the story of my accident and the other woman would make a fuss of me. To hide the scar that formed a cross on my forehead, I began raising my eyebrows to form furrows and found that this resulted in less people making comments that embarrassed me.

That there is another world besides the one which we know with our natural senses, should not seem to odd for us. Our imagination permits one to exist. The difficulty is being able to enter it and enjoy its goodness. Not everyone does.

When Jesus spoke to a Jewish religious teacher by the name of Nicodemus, he berated him for claiming to be a teacher of truth when he did not know the first thing about spiritual experiences. Many people claim they understand the Bible, yet they have not had an experience with God, so they can truly be enlightened. Instead of speaking from personal experience, they are basically talking theory or about a philosophy of life that they interpret from what they have read in the Bible.

Maybe you know the types I mean. Among them are the ones who are always pointing the finger at other people, and saying how wrong and evil they are for sharing what they understand to be true. When I was young, I did not know that the Bible talks about guardian angels. But Jesus said that children have angels who look after them. On this point, because of my experience, you will get no disagreement about this from me.

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