Thursday, December 13, 2012

Google Page Ranking Scam

How many spots are there at the top of a Google page? 

Is there one spot or more than one spot?

Every day emails land in my spam box telling me how lucky I am that I have been chosen to receive the opportunity to appear no. 1 ranking on the search engines’ pages. Surely they cannot all be able to achieve the top spot or even the top six spots on all the pages they claim.

The latest scam box email below though promises first page ranking.

Hey Friend,
If you thought some keywords were "impossible" to rank
for in the search engines...
Stuff like "make money", "insurance" and the rest...
You'd be dead WRONG!
A marketer who in all probability you have NEVER heard
of is cleaning up with organic, first page search engine
Find out how he's doing it here:

Type Happy Riches into your browser and you should find my name at the top of the page. But does this mean I have cornered the market in page rankings? Can I claim to be the guru who has nailed the page ranking mystery on Google pages or MSN or Yahoo or any other search engine? Not I. But others do.

As for landing a first page ranking on Google, it gets easier if your browser lists the first 100 on the first page. Anyhow, Google also does locality listings, so what might be working in Germany may not be working in Japan.  This is like setting a cat among the pigeons and keeps everybody on their toes as they clamber for top spot.

The issue with all SEO rankings is everything has to be current and this is what attracts the hyenas to the latest killer application. Sorting out the piranhas from the sharks while looking for dolphins is not easy. There are just too many of them. 

One of the reasons why I blog on two different boards is one earns money and the other one doesn’t. One provides educational facilities, and the other one doesn’t. One is free and the other one requires a monthly payment. The free one does not provide the education nor the return on investment. Nonetheless, it does have value--I have just got to find it. Nevertheless, both platforms are highly ranked and this is the important component in becoming a blogger. This way I do not have to worry about paying for SEO rankings, which may or may not work for me. The rankings have already been sorted out, like I said, type in Happy Riches into your browser, and see what you find.

There is a big advantage in numbers. When you join up with a network that provides educational facilities, SEO rankings and enables you the opportunity to make money as well, why would you pay somebody to get you listed as a first page ranking.  You just never know, these days, who is running an internet scam and who has stopped running one.

Personally, there is always an easier way of doing things. So rather than sorting through the online scams, why not jump on board, be merry, and enjoy the ride right NOW here.

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