Thursday, December 13, 2012

Live Photo of Man Caught Stealing Underwear

Do you know this man? 

The plaintiff caught him having a whiff of her underwear in the early hours of the morning between 2am and 4am on her infrared camera. He looks like the ghost who stalks but this fiend is not a friend of the Phantom at all.

Don’t you just want to shout at him, “There are better ways of getting a thrill, you dill!”… eeek!… What if his name is Phil? Not Dr. Phil, just Phil. There would still have to be some psychological explanation for this. Dr. Phil would know. Maybe the good ol’ Dr. Phil could have a program dedicated to Phil…snow dropper Phil, the dill. We have heard about pill poppers. But “snow dropper” is not a term that comes readily to mind for most people. When you think about, catching Phil, the dill, in the act, must have been a jaw dropper for him, especially when he saw his night profile being posted as a picture of somebody of interest in the daily rag. Not only did Phil’s jaw drop, so did his ego. In fact, quite a bit about Phil was starting to sag.

Dr. Phil would be able to enlighten his many admirers and devotees of his program as to what causes Phil, the dill, go on the prowl of a night. We know owls look for mice and other vermin. We know coyotes and wolves like to howl. We also know this dill, Phil, likes to go on the prowl. What we do not know is why Phil, the dill, creates a jaw dropper by being caught as a snow dropper.

So there you have it. Dr Phil, we need your help to explain why Phil, the dill, is on the prowl looking for women’s underwear in the middle of the night. Somehow, it just does not seem right. [Making money from social networking is a better way to go]

The man may not be called Phil.  He could have another name. Whatever his name, his clandestine caper is now in the open and there is a need for people to understand why he is doing what he does, and how it can be stopped—although there is a band that goes by the name Snowdroppers who are said to encourage such behavior. 

The term SNOWDROPPER has dual meanings; it’s a 1920’s slang term for cocaine addicts, but also a turn of phrase referring to deeply disturbed individuals who have a penchant for stealing woman’s panties off clotheslines—(taken from SXSW Inc. website ©2010)

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