Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Latest Trading Scam Books Big Profits

Is Apiary Fund run by Darrell Anderson out of Ohio an internet scam?

I received what appears to be a thoroughly thought out scam which looks like an online scam that is a very cunningly devised internet fraud.

Get Paid to Trade - Really!
  We'll Fund Your Account - While You Learn to Become a More Profitable Trader
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Regards & Good Trading,
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Apiary Fund

P.S. Become the best trader you can be - learn on our dime!


When is a scam a scam. This is not necessarily a internet scam as most online scams go. This is a scam that just might not be a scam even though it appears to be a scam. Okay, a scam is a scam.

On Bike Mike’s Trading Forum, I found the following response by member Rambledog:

I tried their program over a year ago. It was about $700 and then $97 for a "tech" fee. The idea is not new. We'll train you to trade our money just give us some of yours!!
 I stopped going to the training after about 6 weeks because it was nothing that would give a person anything more than a basic education and certainly no edge. They talked about "robots" and their auto trading indicators, but at the end if the day it was just basic stuff. Did I get my moneys worth? No I don't think so. Did I learn something, yeah a few things, but not enough for the $700.
 Now I was going to let things go quietly into the night and let them have my $700 until they recently called me and tried to convince me to give them $7200 to join their success team. This team was supposed to have a 98% success rate at turning traders profitable in three months. Sound to good to be true? If they can turn 98 percent of traders to profit in 3 months why do they need my lousy $7200 bucks.
 My two cents would be to STEER WAY CLEAR of this outfit and any other pay to trade type of fund. Welcome any input from others who have succeeded in pay to trade programs.
 Good luck.......

 The reality is when people make claims that they will fund your account and then seek payment upfront then the scheme is just one of the many internet frauds that  are worthy of our junk mailbox.


Jones Morris said...

called me later to agree to a settlement. He wanted all of his money back that he put into the operation of the company. Tonjademoff.com

Saar Pilosof said...

I am completely agree. Scams also have increased but can be avoid by taking care before choosing a platform of trading or company. Read all details carefully and read all reviews and try to get all details.