Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Indian Scammers and Illegal Bookmakers

The number of scams hitting my junk mail box does not appear to be increasing. Up until my recent experience with the Azerbaijani woman who tried to set me for a scam, so I would become the sucker who was forking out money to forward stolen funds via Western Union to her.

What I have noticed is that there is a high probability that many of these scams are coming out of India. When I was first contacted by the Azerbaijani woman in the attempt to scam me, I noticed that the email address was from India. Then when I answered her email, because I was curious to know how she obtained my information from an organization which no longer had the right for the last two and half years to retain or pass on any of my information to anyone, her email address changed to a German address.

Only yesterday, I noticed that another email came from an NZ which I assume is New Zealand. A little checking and I notice that many of the scam emails in the junk box have sender addresses as coming from one country and the return address is to an account to another country. These scammers are easily able to obtain email addresses, but they will have to possess an I.P. address—an internet protocol address that is managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. What this means is it is possible to trace scammers, even though they are able to move around and avoid detection.

In a way, we could see these scammers as being a highly organized criminal activity that operate similarly to the illegal bookmakers who operate off course. The illegal bookmakers would set up a telephone answering facility in an empty apartment, office block, warehouse, or factory and move to another location after a few days. This way, once the authorities got an idea of where they might be located, the bookies would packing up their last phone and leaving via the back door as the police and feds are about to announce their presence. It a game of hide and seek, only this game is not for children. The same could easily be going on when it comes to scammers on the internet. It is possible to set up facilities in every country and move around locations and use different email addresses via the telecommunications satellite system.

In some respects, it might seem to be just as easy to track the movements of these crime gangs changing I.P. addresses as what it would be to track a vehicle with the GPS (global positioning system)—except, there is move activity going on around us in the domain of the wireless network of satellite communication, than what would be happening with in all the beehives in the USA. Not only have we got internet communication, we have cell phones, radio, television, defence systems and more than technology than I could think of using the satellite systems. What this means is once the IP address of the scammers has been identified, once the ground  troops are marshaled for action, the scammers are gone. It is like the boy who cried wolf, when there was none to be found, the authorities start thinking about wasted time.

Seriously, who wants to be a time waster? The internet is there to be used and we may as well make use of it. Nonetheless, we owe it to ourselves to be responsible to ourselves for what we do. The same applies to what our life entails here on Earth. If you are looking for real answers, you need to read The Ten Commandment Truths Exposed, learn more here passport to freedom
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