Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will China Rule The World?

Economics is the driver of all change. Right now, the economic powerhouse that is driving the world is China.  China does present a problem though. This is because history has a habit of repeating itself.  

China is not a democracy. A democracy allows dissent. Countries that are ruled by an autocrat or a plutocracy or, as in China’s case, a communist regime that controls freedoms and propagates myths, need to focus on an external enemy for survival. People unite when they have to compete against others. This is the case when it comes to sport. This is also the case when it comes to nationalism.

Unlike Russia, which is ruled by an oligarchic plutocracy under the pretense of being a democratic republic, China has no pretense. China is ruled by an oligarchy of communists that is intent of keeping the reigns of control over the nation firmly in their grip. While embracing capitalism, the government itself also participates in the enterprise and buys up what it can overseas, ostensibly to ensure that there is no disruption to the economic growth that is occurring within China.  True capitalism requires minimal government interference, the government itself does not control state run enterprises.

 The Chinese government is doing two things that indicate we should be alarmed at what the future outcomes could be. One is the state run enterprises involved in purchasing companies and land in foreign countries. The other is the fostering of nationalism by creating the myth that Chairman Moa is the champion of the current economic revival being experienced in China.  

Already there is a "them and us" mentality being fostered within China. With so many children being products of the one child policy, they have a distorted perception of true family life. These "only the lonely" children need a cause to justify their existence, to relieve their frustrations and fulfill their need for belonging. Since there are over 300 million of them, only a small percentage need to believe that China rules, before they fancy taking over the world.

Rio should see China top the medal tally at the thirty-first Olympiad.  When this happens, then expect to see posturing from China on the international stage that befits more the pride of the swastika rather than the humility we have come to associate with the humble  worker.

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