Friday, November 30, 2012

Toyota Scam

Different scams land in my scam box every day. My scam box is my spam email box.

If all the lottery wins were true, I would be making millions every week. Actually according to one scammer, who sent me an email just now, I have just won $2.5 million in the Toyota Car Lottery International Promotions Thailand. All I have to do to pick up my money is contact Dr. Yousef Vugar. David   Idan, the claim agent, Toyota Lottery Thailand Branch, Phone Contact : +66800728539

Dr. Youself Vugar (probably a misspelling of vulgar) is only too willing to help me claim my prize providing I provide him with my full name, country, telephone number, occupation, age and sex.
Naturally, as a valued recipient of the company’s generosity and in order for me to be protected from schemers, scammers and fraudulent people, the following warning is provided for my convenience.
WARNING: Keep your winning information’s confidential until your claims are processed and your fund remitted to you in your bank account. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double  claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements.
Digitally signed by
Dr Yousef Vugdar (vulgar, not vugdar, nor Vugar)
(V.P. Finance)
Toyota Motors Corporation Ltd
www. Toyota

Honestly, I am amazed that anybody would be foolish enough to respond to an email of this sort. The scammers try desperately to convince me that the reason this mail happened to be sent out to me in particular was because of my activity on the internet. It just so happens twelve people every year are selected from Microsoft, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail accounts, company domains, and other providers to win $2.5 million.

How fortunate can a person be.  There must be billions of email accounts. And I was one of the lucky few.

It is amazing that anybody would even bother responding to an email scam of this nature. There are so many of them that every day they are arrive in the junk box.

The junk box is not something that I usually check. However, of late I have been looking in it to see what the scammers are trying to do, because of an attempt to scam me via a more sophisticated means through the ruse of a woman looking for a partner. This was a well thought out stratagem that incorporated all the hallmarks of legitimacy, except there were many telltale signs that for any discerning person indicated that this was a scam. Although, at times, I was thinking that it just might not be a scam, although the alarm bells were always ringing, even when I put them on silent. This is what we have to be careful of these days.  Crafty crooks who devise strategies to mislead us into thinking that we want to help someone out in their misfortune.

The blatant scams , of which there are many, are easy to spot.  When  scammers has information they have obtained from a legitimate source, they are able to get their emails into your inbox and this presents a problem, especially if a person is feeling a little lonesome, a little depressed or not on top of their game for some reason.

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