Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Critical Element For Making Money By Blogging Is Coming Up With A Key Idea

The critical element for making money by blogging is coming up with a key idea for a topic. This is the same problem that all writers have. Ideas can be many and varied, but what will you write about today is the key issue, when it comes to writing a blog.
Some bloggers get around this problem by inviting other people to write on their blog. This is a great idea, especially once your blog has become established and you are attracting many readers. Guest bloggers can help provide more quality and depth and interest for your blog. However, when you are starting a blog, not too many people are going to be queuing up to be a guest blogger. It is a different matter if you have a blog that is attracting fifty thousand readers a day.

Topics are easy to find. There is so much to blog about. What is critical when it comes to writing your blog is your interest in the topic about which you are writing.  You can write about anything. The more interest you have will mean the more passion and depth of expression will be evident in your blog for the day. People will pick this up and they will know they can only learn from you.
You can create a blog about a particular genre of music or poetry and concentrate on that. Or you can blog about international affairs and have a wide ranging blog that covers all things to do with most things in the world of politics and governmental bodies such as UNESCO or WHO, and virtually everything that affects our daily lives. Wide ranging blogs really require access to services that are breaking news and more than one person is needed to continually monitor the world’s news. Also you would need to be a polymath yourself to comment on everything. Even then, there is a need for specialization of the blog to meet the needs of people within a certain geographical region.
This is evident in one economist’s blog I read, they cover many topics. However, these topics tend to be covered, firstly. from an economic perspective, and, secondly, from a local perspective from the host of the blog. Different perspectives are introduced to the blog by guest contributors who also provide varying points of view. Nonetheless, it is obvious that the blog is an economist’s blog and the state of the economy and economic theory is the prime concern.
When choosing to blog, it is important then that there be a concentration of particular subjects on which you have an interest and are conversant. The more interest and the greater the passion, the more appeal the blog is likely to have to like-minded people.  This means you will be able to monetize your blog and make some money.

There are different ways for YOU to MAKE money from blogging. You can make use of adsense. You can use affiliate-marketing strategies. You can promote your own products. You can be part of a blogging community that provides education to help improve your own blogging, marketing strategies and copywriting and be an active participant in the self-improvement program.
Those are only some of the ways that you can make money from blogging. There are other ways, too, once you become famous and are sought after by fortune five hundred companies to advertise their products…but first things first.


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