Saturday, March 23, 2013

The 5 ways to make money that Are The Secrets Of The Rich

The 5  ways to make money that are the secrets of the rich are too simple that most people think there has to be some mystery to becoming rich.

1.    Beg 
Begging is said to be only for losers. Some people make a very good living from begging. Beggars are people who ask you for money without giving you anything in exchange. The provide no labor, no services nor goods to benefit you. Beggars might be begging for themselves or for some charity. Whichever way you look at it, they are not providing you with any value, but make money from your generosity.

2.    Work
We can call work any form of employment that provides labor or a service that is a benefit for the common good. Many people are employed in occupations that are provided indirect services to society in general and do not necessarily labor to provide food, clothing or shelter, which are the basics for survival.  By providing something of value, a person is able to make money.
3.    Trade
This is how entrepreneurs make their money. Whenever a person buys goods with the intention of making a profit, risk is involved. The less risk the better. Successful entrepreneurs make more money than most people. When a person assumes risk there is always the possibility of loss. Successful risk-takers make more money because they have learnt how to limit their risks.

4.    Save
Unless people learn how to save then they are unable to position themselves to make any money. Every entrepreneur saves. Saving can have risks because putting money under the bed can be stolen or lost in fire and floods. Placing money in the hands of bankers has its own risks, but in countries with stable governments, where there is government bank guarantees, the risk is less than saving money and hiding it under the mattress. Bank deposits bear interest and this is a way to make money.

5.    Invest
This is where money can change your fortunes for the better. Investing money in a lottery is not quite the same as investing money in a business or buying shares or artifacts or property. Investments all have their own risks, but the wealthiest people in the world invest their money to make money.

When you consider most people are too proud to beg and too scared to take risks, this is why there are few people who actually make large sums of money. There is an economic pyramid that exists and the only way you can climb it is to get out of the rat-race and find out how to climb the pyramid from the outside. This will mean saving money and investing your funds in a business venture like buying and selling something online or on the street.

To make money online you can buy and sell shares, options, indices, commodities, instruments, equipment, cars, real estate, or other artifacts such as coins, gold, jewelry, stamps, paintings, etc and personal services. You can do this also the conventional way. Whichever way you choose you will still need some money that will need to have been saved, or set apart, for the purposes of being invested.

5 Other Ways You Can Obtain Money
You can obtain money in other ways besides saving. You could win (easy come, easy go), find (give it back), steal (jail for the untrustworthy), inherit (stays in the family), or borrow money (interest payments).  How you obtain money and what you do with it, will determine your future?

Human capital is true capital.

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