Thursday, June 30, 2016

THE WAR THAT IS NOT HAPPENING BUT IS GOING ON NEVERTHELESS. This Is A War For Your Soul. You are being attacked every day by the media that surreptitiously sidesteps your defenses and plants destructive mines within your thinking that distorts your worldview.

There is a war going on that people are aware exists. However, many more people are beginning to wake up and become aware that this war is against them: taking away their rights and their freedoms.

The Brexit vote to leave the European Union was so large, the powers that pull the strings could not rig the outcome. Now a vote that is 8% greater than the vote to remain is being touted as a neck and neck vote. Still there are those in Scotland and Wales who do not want to be beholden to Westminster. They want to obtain handouts from the European Union. Little do they realize that the United Kingdom is contributing much more than the nations that are bleeding the EU because of their lack of industry.

Go to Brussels and have a look at the facilities the eurocrats are provided with, even though they do nothing to produce anything other than laws to restrict the freedoms of the average person. The average person is a member of the proletariat, those at the bottom layers of the pyramid; the workers, who otherwise make up the precariat.

The precariat are people who do not have the security of independent wealth and influence because they do not own swathes of land or shares or have political power. They are living lives that are financially insecure and move from one job to another (when they can find one) because technology and robots have taken over their jobs.

The West is about to enter into a phase where there is going to be more uncertainty and economic stability is going to become more uncertain.

The war currently taking place is a war for your soul. It is George Orwell's 1984, only running behind time. Big Brother has designs to take over. The UN agenda 2020 is a war against humanity and Brussels is a trial model, a prototype of how the future government will operate.