Thursday, September 3, 2015

How To Capitalize On George Soros Knowledge: but once the cat is out of the bag, it is too late. When something is a sure thing, the one thing we can be sure is those in the know do not tell the world.

Did you know that one Saturday morning George Soros quietly filed a piece of paperwork with the Federal Government that could have made you a small fortune had you known about it at the time.

The form detailed how his hedge fund was buying up 2.4% of all outstanding shares of a little-known internet media company headquartered in the Cayman Islands.

Over the next 7-months that stock ran up from $35 to over $98, delivering $17,955 in profits on every $10,000 invested. Imagine if you had $3.5 million to invest, you could have turned that into $9.8 million.

That wasn't the first, or the last, time Soros would tip his hand and reveal what he was buying. And he's not the only one.

Julian Robertson, founder of the $22 billion Tiger Management, filed the same form showing he was buying up shares of a manufacturer of smart phone components selling at about $14.

Robertson watched as the stock exploded up to $105.99.

If you'd seen that piece of paper when Robertson filed it you could've jumped in and made $67,000 in profit on every $10k you invested. Now that is better than what you could have done if you were following Soros lead.

But how is it that it is possible for you to get in on the action. Well, you see, the SEC requires these fund managers to file a special report on what they are buying and selling. And if you know how to read it, you can tell when these billionaire fund managers are in the middle of a big trade - and ride their coattails to life-changing profits.

Micron Technologies was an unknown manufacturer of flash memory that traded at $4. Suddenly, EIGHT of the top hedge funds on Wall Street all filed paperwork showing they were buying large quantities of the stock.

Shortly thereafter the stock jumped to $36.59 - an 814% gain.

The guy who sent me this information would like to show you and me how to get access to those SEC filings and explain how he has managed to decipher them to tell when Wall Street is buying or dumping a stock....

Seriously, though, would you tell the world, if you had access to this information. However, Barry Burns would do this because he is such an altruistic individual....naturally, he would like a little donation to help with the costs of deciphering.

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