Friday, April 26, 2013

10 Keys To Financial Success .....And How You Can Have It All.

Redacted from Aaron Arko ( )after attending a Les Brown Seminar. 

1) Fasten your mental seat belt because you’re gonna take some hits

Just like when a plane is about to take off, they say put on your seatbelt we are going to encounter turbulence; the same is true with your life. There will be things that happen to you which are beyond your control but if you have your ‘mental seat belt’ on you won’t get hurt that much. You will still have the courage to pursue your dream.

2) Don’t focus on how much it costs, focus on how much it will cost YOU
This is a very important point because it shows the millionaire mindset. Focusing on how much it costs is not thinking big at all. Les Brown had to pay $2500 to go to this guru’s event and during conversation Les said he couldn’t afford it and the mentor said straight away, ‘Don’t focus on how much it costs, focus on how much it will cost you if you don’t go’. This statement opens up a whole new way of thinking.

3) Die to who you are now to give birth to who you can become

Lets face it, the person who you and I are right now is not the person that we want to be otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now.
In order to be somebody you’ve never been before you have to do something you’ve never done before.

4) Deliberately speak to yourself affirmitively

(This is something I do on a daily basis now) Deliberately say to yourself things like: “I’m ready, I’ve got the right stuff, I can do it, I’m a huge success, I love myself” You get the point! Affirm those positive statements to yourself everyday. Make the commitment to do it. I have. Speak them with power, passion and feelings. This gets you in the right frame of mind to align yourself with your dreams.

5) The best revenge is massive success

Les Brown tells the anecdote of  how his girlfriend left him mainly because he didn't have any money yet called himself a motivational speaker when he had no experience. Six weeks later he gets a cheque for $2.2million and she comes running back! He took her out to dinner in a limousine then she dropped down on one knee as if to propose to him – she wanted him back to which he replied ‘Stop embarassing yourself down there get up!’ He never took her back!
The best revenge is massive success

6) Listen to your first mind

Always listen to your first mind. Your gut feeling, your intuition. Ask any successful person and they will always tell you to follow your instinct. In the movie Save The Last Dance, Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas) was asked by his friend to go and shoot up some guys out of town. Derek listened to his first mind and refused – his friends then got caught by police. So the moral is:
“Always follow your gut feeling. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it”

7) Change your mind and your life will follow

This runs true with everything you do in life which you frown upon. If you just change the way you think about things for the better your life will follow. It sounds simple but its a long continuous process. I have been told by numerous personal development guru’s to:
“Spend at least 30 mins everyday listening to/reading/watching some  sort of personal development program.”
What this does is it feeds your mind with a positive mindset and gives you that much needed ’3rd influence’ in your life. Instead of listening to the news listening to negativity.

8) All of us are born the same way – dumb, naked and speechless!

 It is very true, nobody is born with more knowledge than the other person. We are all born the same – dumb! We learn how to walk, we learn how to talk, we learn how to do EVERYTHING. Do you think surgeons are naturals? NO! They have to go to medical school to LEARN. So whatever it is we want to do we have to learn how to do it. Pretty common sense I know but common sense is not always common practice.

9) Most people would rather spend $100 on some clothes rather than invest in themselves

Most people would rather forgo the chance of paying to attend a motivation seminar and learn how they can have a better hope and discover how to improve their chances of success in life, and spend the money of a quick fix. A pick me up when they walk out of the clothes store, or look in the mirror with their new clothes, thinking that new clothes means a new you, so to speak. When it fact it is still the old you dressed up as lamb for the slaughter.

When you invest in yourself, you grow you boundaries of belief.


Two men were standing on the corner watching women from a conference line up at a taxi stand.. They contemplated whether they have the courage to introduce themselves to a couple of them and offer them a lift to their destination and possibly make a meaningful connection. 

One man said to the other, " What do you like in the a woman."  

After a moment's silence the second responded: "I like the ones who do. I like the ones who look like they will. But most of all, I like the ones who look like they will, but then I know they won't."

The first man agreed, saying, "Me too, let's go and have a drink.."

“Facing our fears is the only way to overcome them” 

If you believe you cannot, you will not. If you believe you can do it, you will do it. 

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