Monday, August 8, 2011


Happy Riches said...

Reliv is an outstanding company. Unfortunately, the products work so well that there are many people trying to discredit the products.

I take RELIV and I know of many people who take the products who have had spectacular health turnarounds.

The issue about soy is largely unproven, and besides there are many other factors that have to be taken into account when making various claims about a food like soy which is used by many people as part of their staple diet.

People do not understand how their body works and people who are full of toxins and are getting ill are not taking RELIV. Nobody who takes Reliv product correctly suffers from illness.

What happens to many people who take the products is they experience some natural responses by the body as their immune system begins to force out all the toxins.

One man I know suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis suffered the symptoms of severe influenza for two weeks, until his body was purged.

Six months later the only evidence of him having had rheumatoid arthritis was from tell tale signs of his joints, but he was no longer in pain or agony when moving too quickly.

Unfortunately, for him once he was free of all the pain he decided he no longer needed the products and his body relapsed because his diet did not provide the optimum nutrients and detoxifying herbs that Reliv products provided. Then some doctor told him he had a better treatment and now he is back to being in agony.

I have remarkable evidence in photos and video of how effective the product is in getting the body to heal itself.

Personally, I would love to get a dozen people who had severe rheumatoid arthritis and put them on Reliv NOW or Classic and Arth-Affect and put the product to scrutiny.

Unfortunately, the company prohibits anyone doing this.

The other issue which tarnishes Reliv is when people, who are relatively healthy, join up only with the idea of making money . These people do not appreciate the health benefits and suffer later anyhow.

I take Reliv products and extol their benefits. In fact, I have been taking them for years and am probably older than Dr Mercola, but look a lot younger.

People say that soy is supposed to lower your sex drive. Well that is absolute rubbish.

All in all, RELIV is no. 1 in my book, and I haven't seen any product on the market that can beat it.

If the World Health Organisation were really concerned about helping people, Reliv would have been given to all the people in poor countries years ago, and many of the health problems that exist among the poor would have been eradicated because they would be getting the nutrition every body needs.

You can enjoy a healthier body and more energy by taking Reliv NOW and Innergize by contacting Reliv in your country. After four months your blood cells will be renewed and your body will thank you. You can order Reliv Now and Innergize by telephoning the Reliv Office in your country. To order Reliv you will need a sponsor’s I.D. no. My Independent Distributor No. is AURIC001954.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Reliv is an outstanding company and products second to none in my opinion.. I too have read the negatives about soy, but frankly things like tofu, soy nuts etc are what vegetarians will eat for protein. Other negatives I have read is how people had invested $ in inventory thinking they will just sell all the product etc. That is not the companies fault, IMHO. That to me was a poor business decision. I have used Reliv off and on for many years. I get away from it much like the person mentioned above. I get feeling really good, get a bit lazy about grabbing that shake..... Over time, I'm back because vitamin supplements and a decent diet just isn't enough.
I don't have some condition. I just have what many have. A high stress job that requires long hours at times and a busy life. I find I'm run down. When I'm not drinking Reliv, I seem to get about 4-5 hours sleep a day. This compounds the exhaustion. I find I go back to the product, after a couple weeks, I sleep 7-8 hours a night. My joint and muscle aches and pains go away.
I could go on and on. Truthfully, I'm not a sales person, nor have I ever tried to work this as a business. Now in my 50's I consider doing so since for 20 yrs. this is the product that seems to improve my life, over and over again. In my 30's, working a 60 hour week, and having 3 little children I was just looking for something to take away the exhaustion in a healthy way. Now 20yrs later, we understand the importance of good nutrition more than ever.
I look at these products as providing my body with what It's needs to run at its best. Whatever it's best is.

Happy Riches said...
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Happy Riches said...

One woman I knew started taking Reliv products and gained some extra years to her life, much to the amazement and disbelief of her oncologist. Not only did she extend her life contrary to medical expectation, but her healthiness increased measurably against the odds, with evidence verified by routine medical tests, as well as what she was able to achieve physically.

Unfortunately, she stopped taking the products because of the advice of doubters and accordingly died from the disease she feared most, when it returned.

Nevertheless, the extra years disease free were a bonus. The question is, would she still be alive today if she had not discontinued taking RELIV? From the improvement in her health, I would have to say, YES!