Sunday, November 28, 2010

5 Keys to Understanding Yourself

Human being has five aspects to their existence that are essential for understanding themselves. You are not exempt.

For you to understand yourself you need to realize these five keys are a part of your everyday life.

By finding fulfillment in these areas of your life you will find true happiness and true riches.

Key No. 1
You are a spiritual being. To deny this is to deny your own existence and the reality of being born.

The reason you are a spiritual being is that you can conceive the existence of the immaterial or spiritual realm.

If you were not a spiritual being you would not be able to conceive that hidden principles of existence enable the earth to have night and day, the moon to have a monthly cycle and the sun to have a yearly cycle. Moreover, you would not wonder why this is so.

Key No. 2
You are a psychological being.

The reason you are a psychological being is that you have a combination of attitudes and emotions that are formed as a consequence of your interaction within the social environment in which you grow up.

Basically there are only a few primary emotions. These manifest in various ways depending on the attitudes you develop as a result of being conditioned by the environment in which you have been raised.

Key No. 3
You are a social being.

The reason you are a social being is you are not a being that simply survives by consuming energy from plant life without the need to interact with other persons.
You need other people to learn from, to communicate with, and for personal development. Only through relationships with other people are you able to discover more about who you are.

You are designed to have relationships with other people. The truest words ever said are “no person is an island”.

Key No. 4
You are a physiological being.

The reason you are a physiological being is you have a metabolism that requires the processing and transforming of physical elements (i.e. food. water, air, sunlight) to survive.

You also need to physically utilize your bodily systems in order for you to be able to function. This is often referred to as “use it or lose it”.

Key No. 5
You are an economically orientated being.

The reason you have an economic orientation has to do with survival. This is because you live within a naturally hostile environment which has extremes of climatic conditions and the fact that you are a social and spiritual being.

An economy begins when two people decide to trade something. As soon as two people trade roles an economy has begun. Hunting and gathering societies are the primordial form of the more complex economies that constitute the twenty-first century.

For you to understand yourself you need to recognize the existence of these facets or areas of your life and then evaluate where you stand in relation to each one.

Once you know exactly where you stand in relation to each of these facets of your life, you are then able to discover and realize true happiness and the true riches of existence.

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