Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will A Homosexual Rule The World

The ultimate in humanism is man's worship of himself.

Self-worship might be considered vanity that culminates in self-adoration in front
of a mirror.

When human narcissism reaches its apex, instead of acknowledging the Creator, homosexuality and lesbianism become the ultimate human expression of worship.

Male narcissism is found in the gymnasiums of the world where men attempt to look
like the mythological Greek god Adonis. Athough supposedly adored by women, homosexuality among the Greeks was said to be common practice, and older men adored the muscular bodies of younger men. It is no surprise that many homosexuals admire young males in the gym. It is no surprise that many males in gyms are also homosexuals. But what might surprise you is that according to the Bible there is going to be a homosexual who will rule the world.

When you see how world events are shaping up, it makes sense that the majority of people will be inclined towards accepting a homosexual as the leader. Whether this person will be an overt homosexual is not known. Although, it would make sense that he is and the Islamic nations then band together to destroy this irreligious, anti-god, egocentric, humanist.

The global financial debacle of 2008, where financial institutions were found to be run by irresponsible, greedy gluttons, whose only sense of responsibility was to honor the fees they were paying each other. This was evident in the retention bonuses that were being paid to AIG insurance. executives who presided over a $US90 million loss. The Barak Obama Government gave the company $US165 million to help the company stay solvent. The company executives decided to use all that $US165 million to pay its executives what they called retention bonuses, even though they presided over the losses threatened to destabilize AIG's solvency. The decades leading up to the downfall of the financial banking system in 2008, were replete with executives being paid extravagantly for poor performances. Bonuses were paid to executives before companies went bankrupt. The culture permeated all the major corporations, including the financial sector.

The governments of the world, which were also largely responsible for allowing bankrupt companies to survive, have taken over many financial institutions. Never again will there be another financial crisis. But history repeats itself. The financial crash of the 1930s stunted world growth and was followed by World War 2. At least the crash of 2008, has not ushered in a World War. There are plenty of wars going on anyway in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and smoldering in parts of Central and South America, Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

What has this to do with a homosexual ruling the world?

The globe avoids a world war, the financial system recovers and the global economy enters a new growth cycle. This time China and India and Russia become unrecognizably like first world countries. The world at large raises its standard of living and then growth suddenly stalls. The financial system has been supported by governments that have been printing money, the governments of the world have no where to go.

Homosexuals no longer need to seek special rights because they have infiltrated every part of government and laws have been changed so they can marry and have all the rights that are afforded traditional heterosexuals. But because homosexuals do not have families, they are able to spend more time pursuing their careers in governments around the world. The only bastion that they have not infiltrated is religion. A plan is hatched by a homosexual to topple the world religions by introducing a one world currency and a one world government by creating peace between the Jews and the Arabs and uniting all the religions of the world by installing a seat of government in Jerusalem.

Fearful of losing their wealth, the people of the world accept the proposal. As the Bible predicts a man who has "no desire for women" takes his seat in Jerusalem and proclaims himself to be God.

You might not think that such a thing could happen. But at the G20 meetings in London, demonstrators were carry placards that read One World, One Currency, One Government.

Wherever I look there are more amd more signs these days of people being subtly programmed to accept a one world government as the best option for humankind.

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