Friday, January 4, 2013

The Mythbuster With Psychic Powers Busts Bird Printing Supernatural Porn

Esoteric Crystalline Technology–

Does It Work?

Derren Brown gets his kicks by being a myth buster, but not like Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame. Brown enjoys cracking the myths held by people concerning the paranormal and what Christians regard as supernatural porn.  In doing so, you get the illusion that Derren Brown himself is the guru of the paranormal and supernatural.  This is because Derren Brown is a first rate illusionist, while the many so-called, and even certified, experts in the psychic industry are just amateurs attempting to create an illusion that they are the real deal.

Where It All Happens
For instance, in the television show Messiah Brown visits Lorraine Difelice, who headed to Las Vegas  to make her fortune.  According to reports, Lorraine won $17,500 from a Keno machine and this has been attributed to some astrological phenomenon. However, Lorraine hit her jackpot in Las Vegas when she started her newsletter about the paranormal that morphed into a magazine called Esoteric World....which is an euphemism for Deceptive Supernatural Erotica.
Brown introduces himself as Robert Frawley, the inventor of a dream machine. This dream machine is constructed with new age crystalline technology that enables a person’s dreams to be stored and retrieved.
He asks Difelice to trial it for five nights and he will recall her dreams. The only dreams he claims to discover are black and white dreams.

Milk And Honey
Before Derren Brown recalls the dreams, he does some cold reading to find out what types of dreams would be best to present were recalled by the machine. Once he has Lorraine Difelice on side, it is easy going from there. He milks her for all she is worth. Lorraine is absolutely impressed and wants to feature him and his new age crystalline technology on her radio show and in her magazine, which Christians regard as supernatural pornography.
When you watch the way Lorraine Difelice gets drawn into what Brown presents as recalling the dream that she had, you may be thinking is she for real or is this a scam.

There Are Always Tricks To The Trade
Derren Brown is busting supernatural porn by exposing the fakery of psychic tomfoolery that masquerades as genuine paranormal abilities to predict the future (palmistry, astrology, tarot, etc), contact the dead, access the world of the unknown, spiritually teleport into historical events and even recall hidden secrets of the past. Most people believe Derren himself is above board. However, it is possible that Mr. Derren Brown is always pulling a few tricks of his own.
Filming for a television production is always edited. This means that only what the producers want the viewers to see is aired. Because of this, we do not know what parts of the original filming were cut nor what really goes on behind the scenes. All we can do is take at face value what we see or, as Derren Brown often states, what we want to believe.
My impression was Lorraine Difelice was prepared to endorse virtually whatever Derren Brown presented because it augurs well for her magazine.  Moreover, Brown believed that she would virtually endorse anything so, she was approached as a candidate for his T.V. production.

Get Your Own Act
It is evident that Brown is making money out of his exposure of the fakery of psychics and has gained a world-wide audience.
You can gain a world-wide audience too, just by blogging and sharing your thoughts. Best of all, you can make money doing so. 

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