Sunday, March 15, 2009

Born To Be Rich

It might strike you as strange that every human being is born to be rich. There is so much poverty in this world, anybody making such a claim that every body is born to be rich would have to be off their heard. Yet the truth is every one was born to be rich. You were born to be rich.

In saying that you were born to be rich this does not mean that you were necessarily meant to be born into the financially richest few families in the nation. What this means is that you were born to have a life fulled with riches.

You might wonder how could this be if you were not born into a billionaire's family or a family where you automatically have access to a few million dollars.

Oddly enough, one of the most tragic realities in being born into a family with significant financial resources is the temptation to be lazy, or grow up without acquiring any skills other than being able to climb into a bed, a bath, and sit on a toilet. The rest can be done by servants. You can have servants to attend to your every other need in life.

Spoiled children become lost youth and as has been well documented, supporters of the illegal drug barons because they are able to purchase their product; cocaine mostly being the commodity of choice. Living a life that revolves around the next fix is not enjoying the riches of life. This is not being born to be rich.

What is being born to be rich?

Since I have not met any person who has lived over 100yrs of age, and since I know of nobody living anymore than 121 years of age, I have very scant regard for anybody who starts telling me about what happened thousands of years ago, let alone millions of years ago, or billions of years ago. My view is they have no real proof.

In saying that their is no proof of life existing on earth many thousands of years ago, I am referring to outside of documented history. Documented history is not something that is interpreted by somebody opionion of what an instrument might be indicating. Their hypothesis might be wrong and there is no way to prove them right for certain. It is for this reason that I only accept what has been historically documented and what can be termed civilized history. When I see a monkey become something other than a monkey, then I will believe monkey's change into whatever they have changed into at the time, if this is what has really happened and is no hoax.

There a number of reasons why I do not accept the theory of evolution as being the means of life on Earth. For me the mathematical probability does not hold. Then there is the issue of the common moth and butterfly, where the life cycle goes adult, egg, larva, pupa, adult flying insect and then repeats itself. Contradicts any theory of evolution, and points to a closed cycle that has been created by a Creator.

Similary, when an adult frog lays its eggs that turn into a fish that becomes a frog and never a bird or any other creature, once more we have a closed cycle that had to have been created.

There are many more examples that I can cite within the insect world that are impossible to have involved like the wasp that injects a sedative into a female tarantula without getting eaten and then lays its eggs in the deadly spider so the larva can feed on a comatized living protein source to continue the wasp's life cycle, or the manufacture of what is effectively gun powder by the bombadier beetle that it explodes in a chamber within its body, and so on.

By now you should be getting the message. There is too many improbabilities of chance existing in our world that indicate any theory of spontaneous evolution of life is fantasy and the only logical and sensible answer for life existing as we know it is there has to be a Creator to this complex Universe in which we live, and who designed the Earth to tilt and rotate on its axis, the moon to revolve around the Earth and the Earth to revolve around the Sun, year in year out for the last six thousand or so years.

This Creator created the heavens and the Earth with a purpose. It is doubtful that such an intelligent being would create you and me to be poor, that is impoverished in spirit, soul, mind and strength and without any hope of discovering what our reason for being might be.

Does this mean I subscribe to the theory that everything that exists was created in six twenty-four hour days? Like I said it is only a theory, a man-made belief.

However, I have to give the Biblical version a fair hearing since this the only book that I know which inherently claims to be the Written Word of God that has prophesy that has been proven to come true. For me, if anybody can clearly predict future events I take note.

One of the predictions that is found in the Bible is that the Israelites will return to the land of Palestine. This was thought an impossibility by many who laughed at those who held to Bible prophesy and said it would happen. In 1918AD this began to happen and Israel was declared an independent nation in 1948. What is also amazing is Israel still exists as a nation.

One other prophesy that has caught my attention is the prophesy in the Book of Revelation that nobody will be able to buy and sell without the number 666. This is alrealy occuring today where this number is encoded on the barcodes of every product that is sold and scanned by a scanner.

Like I said, whenever something makes accurate predictions I take notice.

When I read the first book of the Bible I see that God created the first man and woman and gave him the wealth of the Earth. From this, I conclude that all men and women since have been born to be rich.

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