Thursday, March 26, 2009

Atheists Are Rare Beasts

The atheist is a rare beast. Personally, I have not met an genuine atheist yet. Most people who claim to be atheists are really impostor agnostics trying out a new disguise. Every person I have met who claims to be an atheist, and has conversed with me about the existence of God, reverts to being agnostic.

Say, a person believes that there is no such thing as another world besides the one in which he or she can see, hear, touch, smell or taste. This person has no imagination, has the inability to think or consider anything beyond what is experienced by the five senses.

As soon as a person acknowledges the possibility of something beyond being merely a robot that is controlled by five senses, then God is on the agenda. The suggestion that God, the Supreme One, the Creator does not exist defeats the atheist's argument that such a being cannot exist. The atheist might not want to acknowledge the one who they deny exists, but the mere conception of the God they describe is a recognition of that one's existence, even if it is only in their own mind.

What atheists are really saying is "I do not want to acknowledge that anybody is greater than me."

An agnostic on the other hand, acknowledges the existence of the Supreme One, but does not want to acknowledge the need for a personal relationship. The reason for this is the agnostic does not want to truly hand over his or her rights of self-determination. The agnostic is fearful that by entering into a relationship with God will mean losing what rights they have.

Mind games are played by atheists and agnostics. They might claim they are not, but when you start talking to them, they are all about trying to demonstrate their superiority of mind. Yet, oddly enough, not one of them has an answer for death.

So much for the superior intellect of those who deny the existence of the truth.

The truth is everyone is going to die and unless they have got in touch with the One who has the power over death, then life on this earth becomes a futile existence.

One so-called atheist wrote to me and stated that he was not going to communicate with me as it was obviously a waste a time, quote:

"You are obviously struggling to understand why I haven't buckled after your knock-down argument. I'm so sorry you can't understand the difference between knowledge and opinion and unfortunately I will have to end our conversation there, I don't engage in intellectual combat with the unarmed."

Upon my reply, the antagonistic atheist raged:

"I know what the Bible says, I've read it. I don't believe that it is what you claim it to be. I am not impressed by it. It is by far the most overrated thing in the history of humanity."

To which I responded:

"What do I claim the Bible to be? You have no idea, yet you are once again doing what you do all the time, make assumptions on insufficient facts; that is, forming an opinion, which the Bibles says is only something a fool does.

What impresses me about the Bible is how an opinionated person demonstrates that it has his measure.

Martin, if you really are as wise as you might like to think you are, why haven't you discovered without doubt the reason why you were born only to die? Why is your life so futile? "

The atheist, this time, did not reply. Maybe the combat became too much for him? Maybe he has ceased to be an atheist? Or, more than likely, he did not like to admit, that as an atheist, he had not real answer to the most pressing of questions: What happens when you die?


Tony said...

I am a true atheist and many othere are too. Everybody would like a nice God up there that did nice things and when we died we could go and stay with him but thing is it would be too nice. I will not be fooled into wasting my life for something non-existant

Happy Riches said...


Thank you for you honest reflection and courage to comment.

You say you are a true atheist. Yet you acknowledge that you would like to meet a nice God, but do not want to be fooled into wasting your life.

I do not know how you define "atheism".

I can understand how you question that God could be nice when there are so many evil things occurring in the world.

Death is defined as cessation of life, a place where life is non-existent.

The trouble with life on this earth is you did not ask to be born and you will suffer and then die and become non-existent.

This is the futility of life. Unfortunately, man-made religion is createad by people who see this as a means of manipulating other people. Just like politics.

True religion is different. True religion is about the quest for the truth.

I have not met a person who claims they like being told lies.

Unfortunately, I have met many people who don't always want to hear the truth.